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Website Hosting
Image Hosting
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CDN Service
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Link Shortening Service
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Podcasts and Internet Radio
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Internal MMN Tools
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Re-introduction of services and tools

We will be revamping our user and admin tools, such as CDN and image hosting service over the next month.

Vergangene Vorfälle

Website Hosting Maintenance Complete

The maintenance on our websites has been completed and websites are now available.

Planned move to new servers

We are planning on moving all of our web services to new servers, including all of our websites. Access will be limited. Credentials will be invalid on the new servers for system login (e.g. FTP access, backend MySQL access).

Potentially offline due to maintenance

We are moving servers.

Follow-up: Websites replaced with blank site

All services working normally.

Websites replaced with blank site

The following websites went offline between 01:00 and 12:45 on 13 Oct 2021: • matthewsnetmedia.co.uk • standrewsurccardiff.co.uk • whatcanido.org.uk Service has been restored.